In the realm of architecture and design, Artalenta stands as a shining beacon, revered for its distinctive design ethos and remarkable creativity. The company’s achievements not only commend its founder but also embody its commitment to multiculturalism and sustainable design principles.

Led by founder and project director Uira Husada, Artalenta draws inspiration from art, engineering, technology, and geometry. For Uira, architecture and interior design are not merely about shaping physical spaces but also about expressing lifestyles and values. This profound respect and understanding of multiculturalism permeate through every project undertaken by Artalenta, shaping its unique design philosophy.

One such project, honored with the Kyoto Global Design Awards, is Holland Green 61 (HG61). Beyond being a living space, HG61 is a verdant sanctuary where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur seamlessly. The concept of “Inside Out – Outside In” allows nature to permeate every corner, even in the most confined spaces, creating an intimate connection with the natural world.

The interior concept of HG61 showcases numerous exceptional design elements and perspectives, crafting a holistic lifestyle experience imbued with intimacy and warmth. Through the implementation and combination of various materials, the natural accents harmonize with each material’s characteristics, evoking the ambiance of a luxurious resort. Additionally, bespoke items, handcrafted wallpapers, and classic bronze hardware are seamlessly integrated to create a distinctive signature style, highlighting HG61’s unique allure.

Explore the Holland Green 61.

Artalenta’s success lies not only in its innovative design concepts but also in its commitment to sustainability and multiculturalism. Meticulously curated materials and surface selections, coupled with attention to lighting, color palettes, and spatial arrangements, transform each project into a unique masterpiece, showcasing Artalenta’s dedication to design excellence.