What are the common requests from clients (during and post pandemic)?

During the pandemic, clients trusted me and the team to play a significant role in the project such as providing a safe and protected environment, adopting different preventive measures (mask and sanitiser), undertaking routine supervision on the progress of the project activities (including materials, access, and availability), with the project completion to our standard of perfection. We did it!

As for the post pandemic, our client’s economic condition is the new challenge. We conduct the same methods to review the strategic sequence of design and construction, (so it is easy to understand and work with) to the same world-standard result, but with different human resource issues. So, we must be very practical and accurate during our design implementation.

Referring to your answer above, what can we expect from the future design trends?

For me, design trends are always contextual to the architecture and nature (landscape) by blurring the boundaries, connecting the space between INside and ouTside. Staying close to mother nature, crafting the building architecture with simple clean materials and basic geometry. These dialogues will create a new trend for lifestyle and become a new design signature.

Please share how you anticipate these trends

Disciplines of design thinking around human behaviour and the space concentrate on different research and methods to recognise product knowledge. reusing, combining old with new; material science will all create a unique discovery of ideation and refinement. That’ll inspire and create your own trend!